Transitioning to new patient care models with an interactive engagement platform

Health provider organizations need evidence based care plans for patient self-management to provide non face-to-face, chronic and post acute care.

New Patient Care Models
Patient focused digital care plans

Enabling patient focused
digital care plans

For innovative health provider organizations transitioning to fee-for-value, Healarium is a platform that enables physicians to prescribe and manage evidence-based care plans, to improve outcomes and drive revenues.

With one click, physicians and care managers prescribe each patient
to a clinically appropriate and comprehensive treatment plan,
which is personalized, and includes daily regimens

Mobile Connections Mobile Connections

Healarium offers the flexibility to create and deliver
endorsed care plans and access to an available library of care plans.

Access Healarium’s care plans and regimens from your own IT infrastructure using our API’s.

White label customers and partners can use Healarium as their care plan library, preserving and extending their current branded environment


Academic studies demonstrate a 60% outcomes differential between patients who use Healarium and those who don’t.


Healarium unique modeling language enables customized electronic care plans to be delivered to patients as clinical daily regimens.

Care Plans

15 ready-to-use condition based care plans, proven In real world use with 30,000 completed to date by patients.

Academic Studies Validate



Study finds app reduces cardiac readmissions

60% Reduction in Cardiac Rehab Patients' ED and IP Readmissions Presented at 63rd ACC Conference


Cardiac Rehab:
There's an App for That

Cardiac Rehab Patients Using Smartphone App, Powered by Healarium, Recover Better

Study on CareHere Patients:

Cardiovascular Risk Reduction

Using an online, personalized program reduces cardiovascular risk factor profiles in a motivated, adherent population of participants